Family Immigration

GLG is dedicated to understanding clients’ needs and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible result in each and every case. Advocating for immigration rights is what GLG does best, and we have the experience to assist in any complex immigration or removal matter that may arise, including Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases. We offer bilingual services at each of our three locations and pride ourselves on our accessibility to clients and are committed to providing high customer satisfaction. We also serve as consultants on many criminal related cases throughout Wisconsin.

GLG has experience with a wide range of family immigration matters, including representing individuals and families in the process of obtaining lawful status in the U.S. We also assist with removal cases when a non-citizen has overstayed a visa or entered the United States illegally, to the most complex cases involving multiple appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Court of Appeals. We have also educated the legal community on relevant changes in the law including the implications of Padilla v. Kentucky, a Supreme Court decision holding that criminal defense lawyers must advise noncitizen defendants of the immigration consequences of their plea.