Making it Easy to Complete Form I-9 for Remote Employees

By Carrie M. Ziegler Thomas

In today’s digital workplace where more employees work from home or remotely, verifying a newly hired employee’s identity and eligibility in three days can seem impossible. This puts pressure on the employer since the employee’s documents must be physically inspected in person.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services advises that employers in this situation can designate an authorized representative or agent to complete Section 2 of the I-9 on behalf of their company. Since the Form I-9 is so important, finding a reliable agent can be tricky. This is difficult because if there was an audit, the company would be on the hook for any errors made by the I-9 agent.

Grzeca Law Group is well-versed in I-9 policies and procedures and acts as an authorized representative for companies that do not have a physical presence in Milwaukee. We assist employers with creating I-9 policies, conducting I-9 training for their employees, conducting internal I-9 audits and even assisting when a company’s I-9s are under investigation by the government.

Please contact us at (414) 342-3000 if you need an I-9 representative or agent in Milwaukee or if you have any other questions about these work site compliance issues

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